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    Addiction Hotline

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    Are you facing problems related to drug and alcohol addiction and don’t know whom to turn to for help? Well then, you needn’t search any more for some to help you. We are here to render all the help that you may need at times you are worried and confused. At Addiction Hotline, we endeavor to help each and every person suffering from the problems of alcohol and drug addiction.


    With the increased pace of globalization, our lives have mechanical and stressed out and people are often seen to resort to drug or alcohol to get a relief. And in time, this turns out to be a horrible addiction which starts killing people slowly. The gravest issue is that majority of the addicted people belong to the teen or the tween section of the society and thus we feel that it’s our basic duty to help the youth and others in trouble.


    Our alcohol addiction hotline consists of a team of supportive members who are able to solve all your problems, queries and confusion. Whenever you contact us, the members of our rehab team will dedicatedly listen to your questions and help you out of the troubled waters. With our rehab programs and state-of-the-art rehab centers, we cater to the treatment of the addicted section of the society.


    Not only do we help the people affected with alcohol addiction but our drug addiction hotline is even able to sort out people suffering from the misuse of drugs. With our treatment, we help people lead normal lives once again.