• Customs Clearance

    Customs Clearance


    Planning to import good to the US? Well then, you would surely need the customs clearance before you can actually claim the good for yourself and take it with you. This is required so that you can actually include the goods into the economy of the US legally. Information about the shipment is sent to the government for their notification and the authorities are alerted of the items being imported.


    Every item that is imported into the US has to get its clearance and therefore it the must do for every owner to get the clearance as early as possible. At Service Shipping, we aim to help you in this task of getting a proper clearance throughout the whole of USA at any port. All our staffs are well experienced and knowledgeable in matters of obtaining the clearance. Our officials work with you from the start off for the timely notification to the government and the other concerned authorities.


    Our services ensure that the clearance process goes on easily and smoothly and you do not have to wait for long to get the goods or worry yourself regarding the rules to be followed. Our efficient staff makes sure that every time you import goods, our experts are there to help you in the easy clearance process. We keep all the necessary documents for clearance at hand and present them to the authorities looking after the process as soon as your goods arrive. Contact us today and enjoy the peace of mind.