• Cigar Sampler

    Cigar Sampler


    If you are a connoisseur when it comes to cigars, then you should definitely try out a Cigar Sampler sometime. Being an enthusiast, you must always be curious to taste the variety of cigars that are available in the market, local or international. Not only do the cigars from various countries vary in their composition but also in their flavors. You may get some cigars very easily in market while others may be difficult to lay hands on.


    This is where a sampler comes to your benefit. These sampler kits not only contain a wide range of cigars, many of which you may not have tasted before but also several accessories that help you with experiencing the best out of these cigars. The size of the sampler boxes usually vary according to the price you are ready to pay for them.


    The extremely small ones usually contain a single or packs of three cigars each of a variety while the medium range ones not only include a better spread of cigars of different varieties but also include several accessories like a lighter or a cutter. However, when you opt for a high priced sampler, you will not only get an unbelievable array of cigars but these are also equipped with a humidor that keeps your cigars in a perfect quality. Although, it may happen that you don’t like a particular set of cigar variety but you always have the option to lend it out to a relative or friend and enjoy the rest for yourself.