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    Video Capture Technology


    The video capture technology has made a great headway in the recent times. With the advancement of technological methods and techniques, the video capturing method has become comparatively easier and the quality has increased manifold over the years. The ease of use and the high quality streaming obtained by the latest Video capture technology has made our lives comparatively easier and safer as well.


    The video capture method allows the transfer of the analog signal from DVD players or video cameras into digital video. The resultant data are known digital video stream that can be stored on the computer as digital files. These digital files can often be used for several purposes including television broadcasting via a TV tuner card.


    At Fore Front Imaging, we bring to you the ultimate blending of technology with sophistication. We offer video recording and display services that are useful in all sectors like finance, hospitality, healthcare, security and legal. All these markets have hugely benefited from our state-of-the-art products and affordable pricing. The inclusion of modern technologies and trends make sure that the products are glitch free and offer ultra HD content whatever the source may be.


    The high quality and clarity of the videos mean that you can track any event successfully even to the minutest details. This often helps in discovering an answer to your question. Established in 1992 by an UK based initiative the Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd, we have been, so far, quite successful in offering our clients with the best video recording and display products that have been a boon to their life and business. Although quite simple and easy to use, our products have a great impact on the life of our customers, ensuring them confidentiality and peace of mind.


    Our products are the pioneers in the field of video display, recording and streaming and when it comes to this domain there is hardly any product that can match the record or streaming HD features of our products. We offer to our customers a wide range of VC cards loaded with HDMI and HD features and also the 3.0 USB devices that are capable of recording images and videos from notebooks, laptops and other devices that can accept a 3.0 interface. Naturally, the 3.0 USB recording devices are quite a craze amongst the geeky populace for better and immediate service.


    The Video Capture via PCIe cards or USB3.0 technology enables the modern generation to work at their own ease without hampering the actual effect of the videos or images. This technology is capable of recording images from DVI-I, HDMI, 4x Composite NTSC/PAL and VGA. These devices are also capable of recording product presentations, simulator screens and various other types of visual data and convert them into display or stream for future and enhanced use. The PCIe cards come in various models and formats and are quite cheap and offer guarantee of a high performance. Get in touch with us today and we will show you how to convert those solitary images or videos into a vibrant stream.