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    Do you own a website? Whether it is a new one or a popular one, spamming through the email id provided is a nightmare to live with. Your email gets filled with all sorts of junk emails and you have to go through each one of them to know exactly which of them are actually from your potential audience and which are not. It takes up a hell lot of time once your website starts getting popular. People start pouring in all sorts of irrelevant emails, sometimes as pranks, sometimes purposefully.



    That is why at dpaContactUs, we offer you the facility of two forms, a contact form and a sign up form. The contact us form has inbuilt spam free features like captchas that stops the unwanted influx of emails to your inbox. You can use the form like any other ordinary contact form or like a proxy mail server or a spam free form. The form is quite simple and requires only your email address and you can have you visitors fill up upto 10 fields. However, everyone who fills up the form need to verify their email addresses before their message is delivered to you.


    If you are using the spam free mode, then the form uses two email address; one your domain email address and the other your own. People will never get to know your real email id unless you send a reply to them. Moreover, if you have several websites, you can attach the contact us form id with the proxy server and use a single email for all communication.