• Kilter Termite



    It’s been ages since you started chasing after those nasty termites and yet all of your efforts have been in vain! Then it’s time that you give us a call. At Kilter Termite, we provide Termite Treatment and ensure the best possible solution to the nuisance of termites for your home and property without you having to bother about a single thing. We suggest and implement the extermination procedures that would suit your property the best. This is to ensure that every property or home gets the best attention it should get.



    At Kilter Termite our motto is to clear off the termite infestation, not by running after them but by preventing them to enter the property. Even if they are already present, we provide the elimination guard to put an end to both types of termites. Our Termite Control guard once installed ensures that none of them can ever enter the property and it takes only a few hours to install it.

    We strive to offer our customers the best service, wherever and whenever. If you reside in Southern California, you can acquire our services by just giving us a call. You can even get a free Termite Inspection and quote when you fill up an automated form available on our website. Being in this domain for more than 20 years, we thoroughly understand your needs and try to sort out the problems for you at extremely affordable rates. Just give us a call any time and our people will always be happy to assist you with all the information.